Do You Need an Accountant or Financial Planner?

Having someone with expertise manage your finances can mean seeing your money grow and taking advantage of all potential tax breaks and investment opportunities. Typically, there are two types of financial experts you might hire for yourself, an accountant or a financial planner. How do you know which one you need and how are they different? Note the following. 1. Past versus the future One main difference between an accountant and a financial planner is that an accountant is typically concerned about the past whereas a financial planner is concerned about the future.

When Does Your Company Need an Audit?

It may not be necessary to have a company's accounting system audited every single year, but as a business owner, you want to take advantage of this service as often as you deem necessary. It's good to find accounting errors as soon as they arise and to ensure you know if your money is being spent properly; an audit can also better prepare you for making certain business decisions. Note when your company may need an audit by a company like Boyd & Associates and why.

Accountant Services For First Timers

If you've never had the chance to hire an accountant, but find that you need one now, you are probably aware that accountants can file your taxes. But there are other services that these professionals can provide you that can help ease your financial burden when it comes to taxable income, as well as services that can protect you in the event of an audit. Here are some of the things accountants can do on your behalf.

Accessing Your Superannuation Early: Is It Possible?

It doesn't matter if you're 16 or 60. If you're working, you're contributing to your superannuation. Of course, you probably have a more pragmatic view of your super when you're closer to retirement. You are planning for a life where you will no longer be working, and that money takes on a greater significance - you will need it to continue living the quality of life to which you've become accustomed.

Tax Deductions For Health Professionals

Are you a nurse, doctor, midwife, or other professional working in the health industry? You may be able to maximise your tax return by claiming all the tax deductions you are eligible for based on your career. It can be difficult to work out what exactly you can claim on your tax return, so use this list as a guideline for some tax deductions you might not have been aware of.

The Benefits of Hiring a Accountant to Complete Your Taxes

Are you considering to hire an accountant so that you don't have to do your taxes, but are not sure yet about the benefits of doing so? Then you should take the time to learn why so many people use an accountant for their taxes. By doing so you'll be able to make the right choice regarding if hiring a tax accountant is something you really want. Read on to find out the top reasons for why hiring a tax accountant is a great idea:

Tax Tips for Creative Types: How to Prepare for Tax Time without Boring Yourself Stupid

Let's face it, preparing for tax time is not the creative type's forte. And unfortunately, tax preparation is just that little bit trickier for many artists, writers and musos who are self-employed. Here's how to prepare for tax time as you go, saving yourself from a daunting (and boring) task around tax time. Record your income without realising it Organising your income records will save you and your tax accountant a pain in the neck when tax time rolls around.